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December 13th 2013 Special Guest Hugh Cornwell (The Stranglers)


This week’s Special Guest is a music legend.  The man labelled “U.K. Punk’s Dark Lord” by Rolling Stone. He was born in Tufnell Park North London and formed the Guildford Stranglers, later known as The Stranglers,  who rocked to the beat of their own drummer rather than any specific genre pigeon hole. He recorded ten albums with the Stranglers over sixteen years and has since had a very successful solo career releasing 9 albums and he also a career as an author. My guest is the unique Hugh Cornwell.

Phill & Jill’s Brilliant Wine Sketch has yet another guest this week. Ali Duloc will tell us all about her grandparents’ winery located in Pennsylvania. The property is Karamoor Estate Wines. And we’ll be at JET Wine Bar tasting:

  • Karamoor Estate Chardonnay
  • Karamoor Estate Cabernet Franc

On Projections from Bryn Mawr Film Institute Valerie and Devin and I discuss the new   Christmas films.

On World Views, Craig Snyder president of The World Affairs Council Of Philadelphia talks about health care.

On this week’s Fashion Matters Anne Cecil suggests some Christmas Table decoration ideas.


This Week’s Show’s Entire Play List

  • Firehouse: Rockin Around The Christmas Tree
  • LeAnn Rimes: Santa Baby
  • Cliff Richard: Tutti Frutti
  • Cliff Richard: A Swinging Affair
  • Cliff Richard:  Let It Snow
  • Cliff Richard: Stuck on You 
  • Hugh Cornwell: Going To The City
  • Hugh Cornwell: Golden Brown
  • Hugh Cornwell: God Is A Woman
  • Hugh Cornwell:  In The Dead Of Night



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